Artist Biography

Grace Storey PUTNAM
1877 - 1947

Grace Storey was born in San Diego, CA on March 16, 1877. At eight she had opted to become an artist. She was a student in the art school in San Diego run by Maud McMullan when she met sculptor Arthur Putnam. They were married in 1899 and moved to San Francisco where her husband pursued an art career while she busied herself as a housewife and mother. After their divorce in 1915, she and the children moved across the bay to Richmond and later Kentfield where she gave painting and drawing lessons. To support herself and the children, she began sculpting doll's heads and copyrighted the famous "Bye-Lo Baby" in 1922. Grace married the sculptor Eugene Morahan in 1927 in New York; they were divorced in 1941. Her last years were spent in Malibu, California; she died there on February 26, 1947. Exhibited: San Francisco Art Ass'n, 1900; Oakland Art Gallery, 1917.

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