Artist Biography

1902 - 1994

John William Wardman was born in Leeds, England on Sept. 7, 1902. He was a pupil of John P. Wicker. By the early 1930s he had moved to southern California. He was a resident of Los Angeles in 1934, Mountain View in 1945, and Southgate in 1961. By 1964 he had moved to Monterey County into a studio-home in Salinas. For many years he worked as a chemist for the Firestone Tire Company while producing fine art in his leisure. He died in Monterey on March 24, 1994. Exhibited: Michigan State Fair, 1929 (prize); Los Angeles City Hall, 1934 (solo); Portland (Oregon) Museum, 1935; California State Fair, 1935, 1936; Society for Sanity in Art, California Palace of Legion of Honor, 1945; California State Library, 1952; Salinas Public Library, 1965 (solo). Works held: Southwest Museum (Los Angeles); International Bookplate Ass'n; Bancroft Library (University of California at Berkeley); Los Angeles County Museum of Art

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