Artist Biography

William W. WARD
1901 - 1985

William Winthrop Ward was born in Walsall near London, England on June 12, 1901. He immigrated to Boston in 1916 and spent much of his youth boating off the coast of Massachusetts. After a stint with the United States Marines, he came to California in 1927. While a member of the Coast Guard, he began painting while tending the Point Lobos lighthouse on the coast at San Francisco. His work came to the attention of local artist Heliodor Hammarstrom who tended the windmills in Golden Gate Park. Hammarstrom gave him encouragement and introduced Ward to George Demont Otis with whom he studied for several years. He was also a pupil of portraitist Thomas Leighton. In 1940 Ward moved down the peninsula to Mountain View to work for NASA. Working in oil, watercolor, and pastel, he created colorful wharf scenes, marines, and landscapes. Ward died on January 28, 1985 at his home in Los Altos, California. Member: Society for Sanity in Art; Los Altos Art Ass'n; Palo Alto Art Club; Society of Western Artists. Exhibited: Oakland Art Gallery, 1939-41; Stevens Hotel (Chicago), 1941; Society for Sanity in Art, California Palace of Legion of Honor, 1942, 1944; Palo Alto Public Library, 1953.

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