Artist Biography

1899 - 1951

Charles Worden Bethell (1899-1951 was born in Denver, Colorado on January 23, 1899. He settled in Redlands, California with his family in 1905. After attending public schools there, he served in World War One. Upon discharge, he opted for an art career and enrolled at the Newman Art Institute in New Jersey. During the 1930s and 1940s he was a designer of theatrical sets for the movie industry in Hollywood. In his leisure he was active in the southern California art scene and served on the art committee of the National Orange Show. Working in oil and pastel, his subjects were inspired by the Colorado Desert and the area around his home. Bethell died of cirrhosis of the liver in Redlands on November 29, 1951. Exhibited: Stendahl Gallery (Los Angeles), 1930; Public Works of Art Project, Southern California, 1934; Society for Sanity in Art, California Palace of Legion of Honor, 1944.

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