Artist Biography

1875 - 1942

Leon Lundmark was born in Stockholm, Sweden on May 28, 1875, the illegitimate son of Countess Hanna von Till and S. A. Johnson. He was educated in Stockholm in the public schools and at the Technical School and Fine Art Academy. During the 1920s he lived in Chicago where he served as director of the Scandinavian-American Art Ass'n. In 1924 his biography was published in Chicago called The Rise of Lundmark. During the latter part of his life he was a resident of Altadena, California with a studio-home at 2628 Highland. Lundmark died there on May, 2 1942. His subject matter was invariably seascapes and coastal scenes. Exhibited: Philadelphia, 1925 (first prize); California Art Club, 1937, 1938; Beverly Hills Hotel, 1939. Works held: Gardena (California) High School; Spies Library (Minominee, Michigan); Krannert Museum (University of Illinois).

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