Artist Biography

Lorenzo P. LATIMER
1857 - 1941

Lorenzo Palmer Latimer was born in Gold Hill, Placer County, California on October 22, 1857, the son of a federal judge. He was educated at McClure Military Academy in Oakland. After settling in San Francisco, he studied art under Virgil Williams at the School of Design and later became an instructor at that school. A prolific artist, he lost many works in the earthquake of 1906. With the City in ruins, he moved across the bay to Berkeley where he taught at the University of California and established a home and studio at 2514 Woolsey Street. Latimer was also active in Reno, Nevada and in 1921 founded the Latimer Art Club there, and in 1931 he was instrumental in forming the Nevada Art Gallery (now the Nevada Museum of Art). He died in Berkeley on January 14, 1941 having contributed greatly to California art both as a teacher and painter. Primarily a watercolorist, Latimer is best known for his depictions of Lake Tahoe, the Sierra Nevada, and Nevada. Member: Bay Region Art Ass'n; Bohemian Club; San Francisco Art Ass'n (board of directors 1899-1917 and vice-president, 1902); Press Club (San Francisco); Sequoia Club (San Francisco). Exhibited: World's Columbian Exposition (Chicago), 1893 (gold medal); California Midwinter Exposition, 1894 (gold medals); Mark Hopkins Institute, 1897; Bohemian Club from 1897; California State Fairs (medals); San Francisco Art Ass'n annuals; Lewis & Clark Exposition (Portland), 1905 (silver medal); San Francisco Artists Society, 1905; Del Monte Art Gallery, 1907-10; Oakland Free Library, 1908; Berkeley Art Ass'n, 1908; Alaska-Yukon Exposition (Seattle), 1909 (silver medal); California Artists, Golden Gate Park Museum, 1915; Panama Pacific International Exposition, 1915; Reno Commercial Club, 1917; Golden Gate International Exposition, 1939. Works held: Santa Cruz City Museum; Bohemian Club; Nevada Museum (Reno); California Historical Society; Oakland Public Library; State Museum Resource Center (Sacramento). Oakland Museum; Athenian Nile Club (Oakland); De Young Museum; Orange County (CA) Museum.

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