Artist Biography

1889 - 1987

Hubert John Langton was born on December 1, 1889 in St Johns, Newfoundland, Canada. He may have inherited his artistic tendencies from his grandfather, the well-known English artist Sir Robert Langton. As a teenager his talent was soon recognized as he began his art career at Toronto Lithograph Company. He moved to San Francisco in 1910 when the city was in the throes of rebuilding following the disaster of 1906. After serving in World War One, he returned to San Francisco and for 40 years worked for H. S. Crocker, Schwabacher-Frey, and Schmidt Litho companies. While in this capacity, he also served as art director of the Stanford Quad for six years. In 1930 he sailed to Europe for further art study in Paris and Munich. While in Europe he painted several scenes of Parisian landmarks, made painting sojourns to Spain, and produced a series of watercolors of Moroccan village life. Upon retirement from lithography in 1958, Langton moved down the peninsula to San Carlos, CA where he remained until his death on March 25, 1987. Primarily a watercolorist, his paintings glow with luminosity. Exhibited: Paris Salon, 1931 (honorable mention), 1933, 1935.

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