Artist Biography

Richard KRUGER
1880 -

Richard Kruger (né Alfred Richard Young) was born in Zitteau, Germany in 1880 of American parents. He was trained in Heidelberg to be a physician. Opting instead for an art career, he studied with Richard Tuettner in Germany and with Schrum in Dresden. An adventuresome spirit led him to New York at age 20. Shortly after arriving he headed west on foot and sketched the deserts along the way. Arriving in Los Angeles in 1906, he established a studio and school in the Majestic Building. In 1918 he moved to San Francisco into an atelier on Stockton Street where he not only painted but made expensive chests and metalwares. He was also in demand as an interior decorator and house renovator. His paintings have a romantic, old world quality to them. Often working at sunrise or sunset, his subjects include the desert, marines, coastals, landscapes, the Golden Gate and scenes around the San Francisco Bay area. After spending one year in Germany and France, Kruger returned to California in 1928; his trail is lost after that time. Exhibited: Paris; Munich; Vienna; New York City; Southern California Artists, Chicago, 1909. Works held: Santa Fe Railway (Grand Canyon).

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