Artist Biography

Joseph IVEY
1842 - 1910

John Joseph Ivey was born in England in 1842. After immigrating to Los Angeles in 1887, he was a professor of art at the University of Southern California. While at that school, he authored a text book entitled, A Plain Guide to Landscape Painting and Sketching From Nature in Watercolor (published by Fowler and Colwell, Los Angeles, 1891). A popular lecturer, he was a speaker at art organizations in San Jose, Pacific Grove (CA), Portland and Seattle. Ivey painted watercolors of the Golden Gate, Donner Lake, and other landmarks of California, Oregon, and Washington. Many of his pictures were sent to the East Coast and England where he had a ready market for them. During the 1890s he was a resident of San Francisco at 3276 18th Street with a studio at 131 Post. During 1902-07 he was active on the Monterey Peninsula where he was head of the art department of the Pacific Grove Chautauqua Assembly. While there, he maintained a studio in the El Carmelo Hotel. Ivey's last address was 602 Lumber Exchange in Seattle where he died on May 23, 1910. He is buried in Lakeview Cemetery there. Exhibited: San Francisco Art Ass'n, 1902; Washington State Arts & Crafts Show (Seattle), 1908.

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