Artist Biography

1867 - 1915

Joseph John Englehart was born in Chicago, Illinois on June 14, 1867. During the late 1880s and 1890s he maintained a studio in San Francisco on Clay Street and a residence across the bay in Alameda. An itinerant artist, while in Tacoma, Washington in the late 1890s, he did many landscapes of that area; in 1902-04 he had a studio in Portland, Oregon. In 1909 he was in New York where one of his landscapes was awarded a prize. In 1910 Englehart was again a resident of Alameda at 1122 College Avenue where he remained until his death in Oakland on April 14, 1915. A prolific painter, he is known throughout the Northwest for his oils of Oregon, Washington, Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, Mount Shasta, and Alameda County. Although he used "J. Rowley," “J. Enright,” “Lang,” “J. Hart,” and other pseudonyms, invariably he signed his oils “J. Englehart" or "J. J. Englehart" and occasionally "J. Englehardt." Exhibited: Lewis and Clark Expo (Portland), 1905. Works held: Washington State Historical Society; College of Notre Dame (Belmont, CA); Society of California Pioneers; Nevada Museum (Reno); Oakland Museum.

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