Artist Biography

1908 - 1998

Harriet Gene Roudebush, an etcher and watercolorist, was born in Portland, Oregon on July 26, 1908. In 1916 the Roudebush family moved to the Sacramento area where Harriet's mother was a school teacher. Following graduation from Oakland Technical High School, the budding artist studied at the California College of Arts and Crafts (1925) and for four years on a scholarship at the California School of Fine Arts. She began etching in 1932 and for 40 years produced hundreds of scenes of the San Francisco Bay area. After settling on the Monterey Peninsula in 1972, she began painting in watercolor and continued in that medium for her remaining years. Her subjects were drawn from the beautiful scenery around her home in Pacific Grove. She died there on January 2, 1998. Exhibited: San Francisco Women Artists, 1931; Beaux Arts Gallery (San Francisco), 1930-33; Wordens Gallery (San Francisco), 1932-42; Mark Hopkins Hotel, 1933-40; Sausalito Trade Fair, 1952 (solo); San Francisco Art Fairs, 1957-69; Carmel Foundation and Monterey Library, 1975 (solos); Pacific Grove, 1994 (solo). Works held: St Mary's College (Moraga).

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